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our confession

"And this is Eternal Life, that they may know You, the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent."

John 17:3


We Believe

We believe in GOD, the Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, Absolute Universal Sovereign, who coeternally, coequally and coessentially manifests Himself in the persons of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. We also affirm that the Ontological Nature of Deity is such that there exists an Infinite Singularity of Essence articulated in a Triumvirate Plurality of Persons, paradoxically relating within the context of a Functional Subordination.

We believe that The Immutable Sovereign GOD ordains All Things that have ever been, that presently are or that ever will be, having created The Mutable Universe and all things therein, both visible and invisible, including Elect and Non-Elect Principalities, Powers, and Rulers, in order to reflect His Absolute, Unassailable Glory. Concurrently, the mutability of The Universe neither precludes nor negates the reality of its original state of perfection but rather posits the inevitable potentiality for change commensurate with the Immutable Perfection of The Divine Will. We also affirm that it is within the context of the aforementioned construct that all issues of Theodicy find their resolution.

We believe that GOD created Man in His Image and after His likeness as the epitome of the physical-material Cosmos. As such, Man is uniquely distinct from all created sentient beings in that he is the only physical, psychical and spiritual Creature in existence. We further assert that the sole purpose of Human existence is to reflect The Divine Image of GOD, to which end Humanity was created.

We believe that—as a direct result of the disobedience of The First Man, Adam, in failing to glorify GOD as GOD and in failing to maintain the all-inclusive Standard of Thanksgiving—Humanity became spiritually separated from GOD, essentially dead in transgressions and sins. As such, Fallen Adam could only reproduce that which is indicative of his fallen image and that which propagates his fallen likeness. In this state, Humanity can neither fulfill the purpose for which Man was created nor desire to fulfill the purpose for which Man was created. Therefore, Humanity is in an utter state of deprivation, lacking in any intellectual, emotional or volitional merit or propensity, deserving of The Grace of GOD. As such, Humanity, by virtue of Man’s essential propagation, is wholly deserving of nothing less than The Divine Wrath of GOD. However, Man not only subjected himself to this futility but also the entirety of The Cosmos as well.

We believe that GOD purposed within Himself—and in accord with the indivisible concurrence of His Persons—The Soteriological Decree that would infinitely redound to the praise of His Glory; such that, Salvation must indelibly be construed as the means to The Consummation of Divine Glory as opposed to The Consummation itself. Conversely, we denounce any assertion that construes the Salvation of the Cosmos as an auto-derivative redounding to the glory of The Creation.

We believe that Jesus Christ, The Son and Second Person of Deity, did willingly—and in complete accord with the First and Third Persons of Deity—submit Himself to the Absolute Prerogative of The Father, The First Person of Deity, in fulfilling the Redemptive Imperative of the Soteriological Decree. The aforementioned resolution of The Son resulted in The Incarnation—via the context of the Virgin Birth— whereby he divested and concurrently emptied Himself of the “Free” Prerogative or Exercise of Deity, while maintaining the absolute essence and comprehensive attributes of Deity. We further assert that The Incarnation was such that it neither diminished The Impeccability of Christ nor delegitimized The Vicarious Propitiation of Christ. We affirm that this same Christ—as both LORD and Savior—lived perfectly among Humanity as one circumstantially subject to the Laws of Space and Time and as one prosaically bound by the Principles of Matter and Substance. Subsequently, having explicated—via the veil of His Body—The Eternality, The Equality and The Essence of Deity, He relinquished His Incarnate Form that He might become the Requisite Propitiation for the Salvation of Humanity, allowing Himself to be condemned by means of Hebrew Indictment and executed by means of Roman Crucifixion. After a burial period of three days, He was resurrected, bodily, in accord with the prerogative of the Father, His Death being indicative of The Judgment of Sin, His Burial being indicative of The Finality of Sin and His Resurrection being indicative of The Victory over Sin. As such, He demonstrated The Absolute Impeccability of His Life as The Consummate Son of Man, The Infinite Sufficiency of His Death as The Vicarious Lamb of GOD and The Unassailable Articulation of His Deity as The Only-Begotten Son of GOD, thus fulfilling The Redemptive Imperative of the Soteriological Decree. The conceptualization of the aforementioned decisively constitutes The Gospel or Evangel of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, We believe that The Sovereign Gift of Repentance through Faith in The Comprehensive Gospel of Jesus Christ is the exclusive means through which people out of every nation, culture and language are delivered from The Divine Wrath of GOD. Neither is there any name given in Heaven nor on Earth whereby Redemption from Sin, Salvation unto Glory and Reconciliation unto Purpose may be realized. We also assert that the Sovereign Gift of Repentance through Faith is a product of the New Birth, which occurs during the proclamation of the Gospel. During said proclamation, The Holy Spirit, The Third Person of Deity, baptizes or infuses The Unregenerate with His Spirit, thereby animating or quickening the spirit of The Unregenerate, enabling him/her to realize the Unconditional Love of God as a New Creation in Christ Jesus. At that moment, The Newly Regenerate Person becomes a possessor of The Divine Nature and is forever sealed by The Holy Spirit, giving vent to the reality of his/her conversion and corollary change of Eternal Disposition by an expression of Faith in The Evangel that is consummated in both word and deed.

We believe that GOD is revealed through The Generic Revelation of Himself in The Creation, The Personal Revelation of Himself in The Son and The Special Revelation of Himself in the Judeo-Christian Text of Scripture, omitting the Apocryphal Writings. We believe that The Special Revelation of Himself is “theopneustos” or GOD-breathed and serves as The Basis for Salvation by Grace through Faith. As such, we resolutely affirm that The Judeo-Christian Text of Scripture is The Inerrant, The Infallible and The Verbal Plenary Word of GOD. Thus, it is The Absolute, Unassailable Standard, governing both The Faith and The Praxis of the Church Universal.

Lastly, We believe in The Consummation of All Things to The Glory and Honor of GOD. We believe in The Judgment of The Cosmos, The Reclamation of Israel, The Judgment of the Fallen Angelic Host, The Resurrection of The Living to Eternal Life, The Resurrection of The Dead to Eternal Condemnation, The Adornment of New Jerusalem, and The Apocalypse of a New Heaven and a New Earth.