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Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

Matthew 4:4

"And this is Eternal Life, that they may know You, the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent."

John 17:3



​Many believers are stagnate in their Christian growth, because they do not understand the constitution of their natures. Evil always seems as if it is something extrinsic to us over which we have no control. According to Scripture, this is not so. The reality is that evil or sin has access to us because  it is intrinsic to our natures. Yet, our intrinsic inclination towards evil can be overcome, if we are willing to thoroughly understand and engage our sinful proclivities, while reclining the full wait of our existence upon Christ. 

Thanksgiving Worship Service 

We oftentimes negotiate our giving of thanks as though being thankful is an option for the believer. Yet, the Apostle Paul reminds the church at Thessalonica, as well as the church of the 21st Century that thanksgiving is an imperative for those who love the LORD Jesus.

Jesus Knows That We Need Him!

Oftentimes, the Gospel is caricatured in terms of presenting a portrait of God that makes Him subject to and, therefore, dependent upon human acceptance. Sadly, many so-called "leaders" are guilty of inventing an acceptable Christ that will satisfy the sensibilities of those who are unregenerate, unrepentant and, therefore, unbelieving.

Jesus Is The Sign Of Sacrifice!

There are many who seek proof of the existence of God and the validity of Christianity. In the words of the New Testament Gospels, they "seek a sign." And yet, the most revealing sign of the existence of God is manifest in His Son Jesus, the Sign of Sacrifice!

Our God Is A Consuming Fire!

Many believers and nonbelievers alike are comfortable with a view of God that views Him as merely a God of Love. However, such a view is a caricature of who He has revealed himself to be in Scripture, for our God is also a God of Wrath, a God of Consuming Fire!

We Exist To Reveal Christ!

Many believers are indulgently preoccupied. We are occupied with philosophy, science, politics, ethnicity, social justice, academia, fame, status and fortune--as though these things are the reason for our existence. The unassailable absolute is that we exist to reveal Christ!

By What Means Are We Redeemed?

In a time in our nation and throughout the world where 'identity politics' has increasingly become the modus operandi of establishing existential validity, it is paramount that the believer  understand the means of Christian existential validity .

Is Christ Preeminent in Your Life?

The existential pathologies (or psycho-social diseases) that we all experience in life can be traced to either a) our inability to love Christ first  or  b) our unwillingness to do so.

A Faith Not Lived is a Faith Not Believed!

Many articulate a faith in word that cannot be corroborated with a faith in practice. The reality is that a faith without evidence remains a faith that is nonexistent!